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Training objectives of the course
The course is an introduction to marketing management, dealing with how manufacturing and service companies build up and manage their relationships with the markets they serve. The first part of the course focuses on strategic marketing and is devoted to the analysis of competition and consumer behaviour and how they find a synthesis in the way firms define their market positioning. In the second part, the operative tools that can be used to pursue the chosen marketing strategy are considered: the four main levers of the so called marketing mix. Product decisions, pricing policies, distribution and communication are therefore the main issues organised and discussed in this part of the course. Since the curriculum in Public Relations and Corporate Communication includes other specialised courses dealing with communication, particular attention is paid to pricing and distribution.
Course programme
The course deals with the following main topics:
- Marketing: the reasons why and its evolution
- Core competencies and trust: marketing management and the network of company relationships
- From strategic marketing to the marketing plan
- Analysis of the competitive arena
- Consumer behaviour and segmentation policies
- Product differentiation and positioning
- Business marketing: key account management
- Service marketing and the fifth "P": personnel
- Brand policies and the product portfolio
- The product life cycle and the development of new products
- The marketing plan
- Pricing policies and price discrimination
- Marketing channels and manufacturer-distribution relationships
- The structure of the distribution system
- Integrated marketing communication: budget decisions and measurement of effectiveness.
Didactic Methods
Lectures are integrated with presentations by company executives and with case studies discussed in small groups.
Learning assessment procedures
Students have to pass a written examination with both multiple choice questions and short open essays on some of the main topics dealt with during the course.
Reference Texts
Compulsory texts
Kerin, R.A., S,W. Hartley, W. Rudelius e L. Pellegrini, Marketing, McGraw-Hill, Milano 2010